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Record proof of harm to your reputation

Protect your reputationRecord evidence of defamation, fake news and cyber-bullying

The online world has a dark side. Publication of fake news, falsehoods damaging to your brand, defamatory content as well as cyber-bullying are on the rise. But how do you fight it without solid evidence? Screenshots are insufficient.

Generate solid evidence of public web pages or social media posts containing false information. Incorporating an accurate timestamp, Web Commodore evidence of online publicatin is admissible in court.

Start recording proof of false information published online
Online Evidence: Protect your online reputation

Defamation: Take Charge With Solid Evidence

Record what has been published online

Certified Records of Online Content

We take certified snapshots of what's published online. Incorporating accurate timestamps our digital evidence records provide solid proof of publication history.

Chain of custody

Solid Proof

The chain of custody is paramount to digital forensics. We generate and store digital evidence that can be verified by authorities and courts.

Record online publication history

Independently Verifiable

We securely store digital evidence in the cloud so it can be accessed and verified at any time.

Web Commodore Technology

How it works: Web Commodore Online Publication Evidence Generation

1A snapshot source is created from a user-submitted URL of a public web page or social media post.

2Web Commodore takes a snapshot of the web page and stamps it with the accurate date & time.

3A SHA-256 hash fingerprint is generated for the web page and timestamp combination.

4Online Publication Evidence is generated from the web page snapshot, SHA-256 hash fingerprint and timestamp.

5The Publication Evidence is stored securely in the cloud where it can be accessed and verified by authorised parties.

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