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Image Proof protects visual works with a secure Digital Proof Token and by signing images cryptographically.

To scan an image for Image Proof, simply drag and drop it into the gray drop zone above, either directly or from any web page or social media post.

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Info Panel Plugin

To automatically tag images on your website with Image Proof copyright and licensing information, use our Info Panel Plugin.

Image Proof Features
Copyright Registration

Certificated evidence to support copyright claims in 179 countries

Metadata Registration

Provenance registration includes all original EXIF / IPTC data

Blockchain Registration

Copyright details registered on the public blockchain

IP Rights Profile

Make your contact details, web address and licensing details discoverable

Invisible Watermarking

Cryptographically sign your images so their ownership can always be traced

Proof of Authenticity

Help combat deepfakes and content tampering by proving image authenticity