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We digitally protect your images
from copyright theft

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Certificated evidence to support your copyright claim in 179 countries

Sign your images with a digital watermark
Sign Your Images

Our invisible digital watermark carries proof of authenticity, provenance and your ownership

Include copyright and licensing information with your images
IP Rights Profile

Make your contact details, web address and licensing information discoverable as your image travels the internet

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Combat fake news and copyright infringement
Proof of Authenticity

Image Proof helps online (social media) platforms combat fake news and copyright infringement

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The easiest and quickest way to register and protect your visual creations
D A Collins, 2021

Register your copyright with Image Proof

Comprehensive copyright protection included with Image Proof

Copyright Registration

Register your copyright and IP rights within seconds

Licensing Options

Enable direct licensing for your photos and images

Blockchain Registration

Copyright details registered on the public blockchain

IP Rights Profile

Make your contact details, web address and licensing options discoverable

Invisible Watermarking

Cryptographically sign your images so their ownership can always be traced

Proof of Authenticity

Help combat deepfakes and content tampering by proving image authenticity

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