Reputation Isn't Everything - Or Is It?

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Reputation Isn't Everything - Or Is It?

You’re a public figure, celebrity, or run a popular brand or business. Things are going great. You’re making money, building presence, and your PR strategies are ensuring your name is hitting the newswire in the best possible way. However, good press can only go so far, and for that reason, it’s tempting to fall into a period of complacency. Even if you’re riding high on a variety of successes and successful moments, it can only take a slight misfire or a counter-claim to bring your success toppling down again.

This might sound overly negative – but it’s true! In the modern age, you are going to need to do more than fall back on goodwill and your perpetual motion. Unfortunately, we live in a  time where things can change in an instant. This means that you are always going to need to keep on your toes to make sure your brand is ready to bounce back.


I’m Hugely Successful – What Could Go Wrong?

Danger to your reputationEverything, unfortunately. There are a lot of jealous people out there. There are people who will try and steal others’ successes for themselves. There are also people who will try to attack brands or popular properties for the sake of malice. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on human kindness – and it’s a sad fact that you really can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Just because you have years of success and revenue-building behind you doesn’t mean you are immune to corporate, financial or brand tragedy. Whether self-inflicted or as a result of a malicious attack, there are few people and companies out there which can weather the worst in PR disasters. Of course, the ones that do have the very best PR in the business. However, even with a great PR team beside you, and with a brilliant track record at your disposal, you never really know what’s going to happen.


How Can I Protect Myself?

How can I protect my reputationNowadays, simply having a good reputation isn’t ever going to be enough to weather the storms of bad PR experiences. You’re going to need to back yourself up, constantly, wherever possible. This means making sure you have the best people working with you by your side. It also means ensuring that your brand is on-message in all you do. 

This is crucial if you’re a public personality, as much as it is if you run a public firm or service. Protecting yourself means doing more than just ensuring you have physical copies of contracts to hand, or a few snapshots of what you've achieved. As well as having solid legal backing, you should have the support of a third party service with impartiality.


How Can Web Commodore Help Me?

How can Web Commodore help me protect my reputationWeb Commodore is an impartial evidence repository. We work to capture snapshots of websites, for example, to make sure that there is clear, undisputable evidence of reputation and standards. If there is ever a claim made about you or your services, you should be able to fall back on third party support to help bolster your name.

Unfortunately, your own screenshots and evidence may not hold up so well in a court setting. If someone claims that you are not the rightful owner of your brand, for example, or if someone claims a falsehood about the service you offer, you cannot expect to fall back on a file of your own capture. That, unfortunately, is thanks to the possibility that you might have doctored it yourself.

Therefore, don’t leave your reputation and future to chance. Set up automatic snapshots with Web Commodore – as a third party service – and ensure you have evidence ready to back you up at every step of your journey.


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