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Web Commodore Digital Proof

Register and protect your designs and plans

Claim ownership of your designsRegister your copyright

Helping you fight plagiarism of your designs, sketches and plans, record solid proof of your possession at a certain point in time.

Admissible in court, Web Commodore Digital Proof Tokens are generated from a digital fingerprint of your design files, combined with an accurate time stamp. They are stored securely as evidence by Web Commodore and also registered on the public blockchain so they can be verified at any time.

Start protecting your designs
Digital Proof: Protect your designs and plans

Proof of Existence

Proof of Existence

Web Commodore Digital Proof Tokens are timestamped evidence of the existence and your possession of any digital file, registered on the GoChain public blockchain

Safeguard digital assets

Safeguard Digital Assets

Evidence that digital files were in your possession at a specific point in time to safeguard against misuse and misappropriation - without disclosing their contents

Timestamped proof

Indisputable Evidence

Our timestamped proof tokens of your digital assets are admissible as evidence in court as Web Commodore retains the full chain of custody.

The easiest and quickest way to register ownership of your digital assets and creations on the public blockchain

Web Commodore Technology

Secure Digital Proof Tokens

Digital Proof Token Encryption

Web Commodore Digital Proof Tokens are generated using a locked-down Hardware Security Module (HSM) certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard for all cryptographic operations

Trusted time stamping authority

Trusted Time Stamp

Web Commodore is a trusted Time Stamping Authority (TSA). All Digital Proof Tokens are signed in accordance with the IETF RFC3161 industry standard with a date and time stamp accurate to within 3 milliseconds, synchronised to the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Secure digital proof storage and blockchain registration

Digital Proof Token Security

Web Commodore uses security standards-compliant systems for all its operations and uses a private RSASSA-PSS 3072 bit security key locked down in a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM module to sign all Digital Proof Tokens. Digital Proof Tokens are registered as non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the GoChain public blockchain.

How it works: Web Commodore Digital Proof Token Generation

1A unique fingerprint (sha-256) of the digital file is generated by the browser and transmitted to Web Commodore.

2The fingerprint is combined with an accurate timestamp.

3The fingerprint / timestamp combination is encrypted using a locked-down Hardware Security Module (HSM)

4Together with a public key to provide authenticity, this generates a Digital Proof Token

5The Digital Proof Token is registered on the GoChain public blockchain

6The ownership and integrity of the digital file can be verified at any time

Sample Digital Proof Token and Certificate