Tired of Your Photos Getting Zero Credit? Here's What to Do

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Tired of Your Photos Getting Zero Credit?  Here's What to Do

Photographers are some of the most relied-upon artists online.  The art of photography is something that’s never faded away, and the fact is, news articles and websites are dependent on great photos to appeal to visitors and customers alike.  That’s all well and good – but what about credit where credit’s due?

There are plenty of ways that you can ensure you get credit and royalties for your photography.  However, with the web being so vast and it often being so easy for someone to steal a photo, save it and upload it without payment, things can get more than a little frustrating.

Art and photo theft is never something you should ever have to deal with.  However, even if your work is heavily protected against all manner of copyright infringement, you are still at risk of getting ripped off.


Follow the Right Channels

Follow the right channelsMany photographers opt to sell their wares through stock collections, where users need to pay a fee for use.  Others, if not most, will choose to watermark their images so that they are difficult to replicate.  However, it sadly doesn’t stop unscrupulous people from using your work for free when you’ve neither given consent, nor received any kind of money back.

Therefore, you need to think about the best channels to follow.  You should, of course, consult a solicitor in the first instance.  Pursuing an alleged copyright thief is all well and good, however, it remains to be said that not everyone is going to be willing to meet your halfway.

Therefore, you need to have solid evidence on side.  If you don’t, you could face accusations of photoshop trickery, or complete fabrication regarding your ownership of a photo.  What’s more, a rogue website could even claim that they have never published such a picture and will take said details down.

If this happens, even if you have a screenshot of your own, this could be dismissed in a court of law as being easy to alter and fabricate.


Using a Third Party Platform

Using a third party platformTherefore, it makes sense that you should use a third party system to offer impartial backing.  Web Commodore is a pioneering digital evidence capture program.  It helps creators to take back control of what is rightfully theirs, as well as to back you up in a legal setting.  

In a court of law, in civil cases, Web Commodore will back you up with admissible evidence.  This means that an official is at liberty to consider Web Commodore captures as ideal backing for your case.  The argument that you may have edited or created such claims on your own is going to fall by the wayside.

Therefore, instead of engaging in a debate which could lead to a dismissal of your legitimate concerns, it makes sense to use a service that has your back no matter what you do.


Taking Back Control

Taking back controlIn the internet age, content creators and artists need all the help they can get in backup and support.  Copyright laws are still sadly open to scurrilous attempts of bending and breaking.  

Therefore, when you know that your photos or creative content, or intellectual property, are being used without consent, attribution or royalty payments, you are going to need someone – and something – on side which can ensure your absolute backing.  Web Commodore is an impartial service which will ensure you have the best chance at getting money and rights which are yours.

Always make sure you enlist the help of a solicitor as priority – but hire Web Commodore to capture any signs of your work going rogue without your consent – BEFORE you aim a cease and desist notice.

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