Still Using Physical Paper Trails? It's Time to Upgrade

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Still Using Physical Paper Trails? It's Time to Upgrade

Technology is always going to have a habit of marching on. As it happens, much of your business likely takes place online nowadays – therefore, while plenty of businesses and entrepreneurs still use paper trails to back themselves up, it is fast becoming a bit of an unnecessary measure. What court in the land is going to stand up to you if you don't have any kind of digital trail or evidence for what's rightfully yours? It sounds harsh, but it’s true – there are plenty of reasons why just having physical documents to hand to back up your IP is no longer enough. The same applies to compliance proof, too. Why should you upgrade to digital evidence as a priority?


Physical Evidence is Easily Tampered With

Physical evidence is easily tampered withImagine that you are presented with an accusation of non-compliance. Or, what if someone claims that you are ripping off their IP or idea? Yes – it pays to have records to hand from the patent office and more besides – but the days of simply having these documents to hand are gone.

The fact is, anyone claiming against you, or anyone you are trying to claim against could easily accuse you of tampering with your documents. There is nothing to prove that you have tampered with physical paperwork yourself, but then again, there is certainly nothing to prove from the other direction, either.

Therefore, an independent digital trail is always going to be a safer bet. This is a trail that you should be able to set up outside of your company, meaning that it is always clear that a third party has captured evidence for you, without any chance for you to cause tampering – even though you likely wouldn’t want to do such tampering!


Where Are Documents Stored?

Web Commodore digital document storageThis is another claim that could play against you. If you produce a paper trail of evidence from your own record storage, you will likely face accusations of tampering or fabrication from the other side of the courtroom. Unless you can feasibly prove that your physical documents emanate from a third-party documents holder, you are again at risk of getting into deeper trouble.

With a third-party digital snapshot taker working on your behalf, you can be sure that there is timestamping and clear proof that your snapshots are taken off-site, and without your intervention. This is a great way to make sure that the tampering argument falls apart in court! Therefore, instead of risking storing all your documents in paper format at your premises, it is infinitely safer for you to access all of your data for court proof through an impartial service.

Documents storage in a physical format used to be a secure way to prove just about anything. Unfortunately, in the digital age, it is getting easier to falsify these documents, and as such, you are going to need to do more to back yourself up in an efficient and impervious manner.


Web Commodore Can Help

Web Commodore digital document storage of online content and documentationLuckily, this is where Web Commodore can really come in handy. Our service takes regular snapshots and data capture of your online content and documentation without your intervention. This means that you can actively prove to a court of law that you are the owner of your IP, and that you are up to date on compliance.

Our snapshots and data are taken completely off-site and are compliant with all UK court processes. What’s more, clear timestamping will show that there is no dispute when you were in possession of such proof.

Want to learn more? Take a look through Web Commodore’s leading products and packages.


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