Is Your Business Showing Clear Enough Compliance?

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Is Your Business Showing Clear Enough Compliance?

When you run an international firm or business, it’s crucial to ensure that you keep in line with various policies and statutes. Otherwise, you could fall foul of international legislation. Having a compliance system in place not only ensures that your company falls in line with corporate expectations, but that you are providing evidence of your own code of ethics.

Having evidence of your continued compliance is key. Does your website have clear privacy and data usage policies available to view? Is it simple for anyone to learn more about what you do as a company, and how you remain within the law? If not, you could be at risk of prosecution. It is never wise to publish information or to lead with a service that willingly shirks industry standards. After all, once any information or detail you share online goes live, someone, somewhere, is going to have access to it.

That means once you publish content, services, or deliver products on the web, it’s a part of history. You can’t undo it! That’s why you should always have a clear compliance and policy adherence structure in place from the get-go. What’s more, you need to have solid proof that you are complying.


Why Might You Need Proof?

Why proof of complianceIn a day and age where anyone can launch a claim via the internet at any time, you are going to need some solid backing. Rather than rely on screenshots of your own, as well as previous versions of your own website, you should make sure to set up web capture with a third party service to offer admissible evidence.

Proof of compliance is important should you ever face specific allegations. For example, a user could claim that you are in direct violation of specific data sharing policies. However, if you have a clear and evident compliance trail set up, there is no reason why these complaints should be allowed to continue.

There is, however, a danger that any screenshots you take yourself are accused of being fabricated. Therefore, you should take steps to capture your website through an impartial, third-party engine.


Why Use Web Commodore?

Web Commodore provides proof of publicationWeb Commodore offers a reliable, third-party data and screenshot capture service which operates completely off-site. This means that you have no physical access to the shots we take for you. This, at the very least, will show any complainants, as well as those who may choose to prosecute you, that you have no intention in falsifying screenshots or reports.

What’s more, it will show that you are serious about compliance. Web Commodore is a service you may never need to rely on. However, it is a system which will back you up should you ever find that you’re up against a professional complaint. As such, your company and services should always ensure that they are working in line with any laws and statutes expected of you.

However, should you need additional backing, you will always need to rely on more than just your own evidence. 


Compliance in the Modern Age

Proving compliance in the modern ageProving compliance in the modern age requires more than a simple link to prove that you are adhering to specific policies. You are going to need to date and time stamp everything you do – and you’ll need to do this through a service which, provably, you have not direct access to tamper with.

Are you looking for new ways to back up your business and online compliance?  Be sure to take a look at packages available through Web Commodore to find your ideal backing – though, of course, we hope you may never need to use it!


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