I Can Protect My IP Myself - Can't I?

by Web Commodore   [email protected]

I Can Protect My IP Myself - Can't I?

When you first start out in business, or when you first create intellectual property, it’s understandable that you’re likely to want to protect it at all costs. After all, who knows your work better than yours truly? However, there is certainly no shame in reaching out for help and support, and in the modern age, it’s actually encouraged.

When it comes to your own IP, as we’ve recently explored, backing yourself up is the first thing you should do before any kind of promotion or PR. Otherwise, you’re going to leave yourself wide open to all kinds of malicious and scurrilous attacks. Sadly, there are people out there in the world who want nothing better to steal and to extort. It’s worth keeping a positive attitude – but without protecting yourself, you are at risk of seeming very naïve indeed!

So – you might be thinking – I can stand up for myself! I can protect my IP – I can back myself up in court! It’s easy enough to assume this, and understandably so – however, you’re likely to find yourself in a very sticky situation if you believe your own evidence is going to get you out of a claim or two that easily.


No – You Can’t

Frustrated laptop userSorry to be harsh, but the bottom line is, how can you effectively prove that IP is yours and legally so? You can file copyright notices and patents. In fact, that’s probably a good idea. However, if you really think that taking snapshots of your website and online portfolio is going to be enough to protect you in court, you should think again.

The modern age has given birth to a phenomenon where we can’t even trust self-sufficient evidence. When tools such as Photoshop exist and are so easy to use, it’s going to be easy for a defendant – or even a prosecutor – to claim that you have the skills and the want to fabricate your own evidence.

You might be thinking that this sounds like movie villain levels of trickery. However, the truth is actually a lot darker than you might think. The absolute last thing you’re going to need is you losing your IP in court on the grounds of your evidence not being good enough. It’s a living nightmare which has, regrettably, come true for many people.


You Can – With Web Commodore

Evidence needed to protect IPThat, ultimately, is why Web Commodore exists. Our team noticed a niche where it seemed that IP owners were struggling to back themselves up with their own evidence. Miscarriages of justice, unfortunately, happen all the time. However, by using Web Commodore, you can ensure that your own case closes just as you want it to – with your IP ownership intact, and possibly with damages attached.

Web Commodore is an impartial, third-party evidence capture engine. Specifically, you can use our service to take screenshots of your website and online portfolio and save them to our servers. What makes this so different to your own home screenshots? The fact you have no access to them – and that we can capture intermittent snapshots randomly on your say-so will give any court the evidence they need to see that you are the innocent party.


Protect Yourself with Help

Use Web Commodore to protect your IP and brandingIt’s a good idea to reach out to help and support in all shapes and forms, especially when it comes to legal matters. It’s tempting to try and control everything yourself – but what if your evidence gets picked apart by a particularly probing prosecutor?

It’s time to get Web Commodore on side. Don’t let your IP fall into the wrong hands – let us protect and serve you while you grow your brand.