Image Info Panel
Copyright and licensing information panel for website images

image info panel demo
Brighton Palace Pier by Marc Pinter-Krainer
Add image info panel to your website

Automatically tag images displayed on your website with copyright and licensing information

  • Automatically detects images registered and signed with Image Proof
  • Displays an icon with copyright and licensing information
  • Allows viewers to confirm image ownership and licence details
  • Easy implementation: Simply add one line of code to your website, no image markup required
How it works

Image info panel scans all images of signifance contained within a web page for an Image Proof signature. Images of significance are those that take up at least 25% of the page width or height.

For those images where either an Image Proof or Image Licensing signature is detected, an icon is displayed. Tapping the icon reveals the image copyright details, along with a link to view the full registration profile and licensing options.

Prerequisites: Images needs to be registered with Web Commodore Image Proof and the digitally signed versions displayed on the web page using a standard <img> tag. The web page URL needs to be publicly accessible.